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Updated: Jun 27, 2019

The most important goal, when you do a home renovation, is how to get more for less. As a result, when you are trying to sell your property or merely trying to modernise your home, you will encounter some critical and costly decisions which inevitably will impact your bank account. Of course, the most significant area of the renovation is the kitchen, which is also the most expensive part of the home improvement.

There are multiple ways to improve your kitchen, some are costly (i.e. custom kitchen builds), some are inexpensive but labour intensive (i.e. DIY), and there is also Kitchen makeovers which are a time-saving and cost-effective renovation method.

In this article, we will answer three of the most significant questions for your kitchen renovation/makeover. The aim here is not only to share industry knowledge but also to lay a solid foundation which enhances your understanding before making a financial decision.

As already stated above this article purpose is to demonstrate how to get the most value for money and the best home renovation method for you.

Consequently, the three questions we’ll try to answer are:

1. What is Kitchen Resurfacing/makeover?

2. How much does resurfacing/makeover cost?

3. How long does it take?


1. Kitchen Resurfacing

Resurfacing is above covering the existing cabinets with veneer, laminate or 2 Pac.

The convenience of resurfacing is primarily due to the reuse of the substrate of the cabinets which are generally still in good condition, in fact only replacing face panels, doors, drawers and hardware you can provide a modern feel to your kitchen or your home cabinetry. Other items to be considered for your kitchen makeover are handles, hinges, benchtops, mouldings, skirts, backsplashes and appliances. We can also modify and add to your existing kitchen to your preference.

It comes down to personal taste or current trends, as both have an impact on the makeover.


2. Cost

By resurfacing your existing kitchen, you could save anywhere from approximately 30%-50%.


3. Time to completion

The last point to be considered in this article is the estimated time to complete a kitchen makeover. In fact, the average new kitchen build can take up to one month or more before the kitchen is installed and ready for use, while for kitchen resurfacing can take up to a few days once we are on site, depending on the size of the kitchen makeover.


Every technique has its pros and cons; New build kitchens are great because they are tailor-made to your kitchen area but are costly and time-consuming. DYI can be low-cost if you have some tradesman skills. Kitchen Resurfacing/makeovers are low cost and can add value to your home at a budget cost.

Whatever decision you make for your home makeover, we are sure that it’s going to be the right choice as long as you have made an informed decision, based on all factors considered.


Happy Renovating!

JKM Team.


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